Apollo, Orion, and Eros– these powerful names make perfect sense for these powerfully charismatic boys. Rachel and Luke sure have their hands and hearts full, and oh my, I was feeling that too! They embraced the chaos, which is a good thing when you have 3 boys, and it was awesome fun. My favorite moment came right after the moment in my favorite photo (4th one down) — when baby Eros started to cry for a moment, the whole family instantly started singing him his special song with vigor, and all was right in wee babe land again.  They clearly all have a strong bond and a love of PLAY, so they do wherever they are! They have a super rad backyard to run around in with a rope swing, a zip line (!!!), lots of things to climb on and dangle from. I’m so glad they wanted to do their session at home, because it’s definitely where their heart is.