I would say that this snuggly family couldn’t get any cuter, but I have a feeling that in the next few weeks, they will! Wilder is the sweetest guy there ever was and he’s going to be a big brother so soon to another one of the luckiest babes in town. Augie, their delightful pup, is named after the month they got together- how adorable is that? Deanna and Rikki have together for almost a decade of awesomeness, and becoming a family has only amplified their love for each other. You can feel it right away when you’re with them. I love their love story, and the opportunity to connect with them to document their beautiful family.

This has been a powerful month for them on the eve of their baby being born. They are Momma and Mommy; they doubly heard the painful cries of George Floyd yelling “mama”, and are strong antiracist and LGTBQ activists here in Portland. It’s Pride Month too. They have been married for six marvelous years, since they have had the right to marry. The world is better for them being out there protesting injustice, for being beautiful examples of humans who care deeply about how they can help other humans any way they can, for being excellent parents who are absolutely bursting with love.

We had so much fun during our session in St. Johns, despite having to keep our distance due to the pandemic. It was easy to do because of my zoom lenses and all the wide open space, but also hard because I’m a hugger! They snuggled with each other, swung Wilder around and tossed Cheerios into his mouth, and we took a little stroll through the tall, gorgeous trees of Pier Park. They are all highly adorable beings.

I can’t wait to document future adventures with these five and see what incredible people their children become!