Oh, Portland. Sometimes you drive me crazy with your rain. It’s all fine and good when my plans are staying inside and reading by the fire (Ok, I don’t have a fireplace, but I would read next to it if I did!) but when my plans include doing photo sessions for clients they planned months in advance, then having rain does make me a little displeased! It’s fine, by the way, we can always reschedule or play in the rain for you super adventurous types – but sometimes you just want a warm, dry, and beautiful place away from home to plan a photo session. I’m happy to introduce studio sessions to my offerings!

It was raining (a LOT) outside during this session, and it was totally fine! I truly do love shooting outside and do so most of the time, but I also just adore the timeless, clean, bright look of this natural light studio in SE Portland and am happy to give my clients the option of shooting here.

Full sessions are available anytime, but I’m kicking off my new offering with a mini session special! It’s on Saturday, Feb. 2nd and there are only 2 spots left! Contact me for the details and let’s make it a date to make some beautiful memories.

This family just about slayed with me with their adorableness, OH MY. Shweta and Raj’s cherub babe Sai has the most angelic glorious hair and soulful eyes. Bernedoodle Zara, their first baby dood, was just the best, floppiest, sweetest big sis. Another little one will be joining the family in a few months too, and I can hardly wait to see how beautiful and loved this baby will be! I couldn’t have loved photographing this family any more, it was just magic. Enjoy!