Introducing little Elilta– such a gorgeous name, right? This stunning babe is 3.5 months old, 7 weeks adjusted and finally came home last month after a 58 day NICU stay. She has been doing beautifully. Her sweet parents Elizabeth and Fikadu also have a marvelous 22 month old son named Natnael, who was the most charming little bear during their in-home photo session. I definitely caught him licking Elilta’s nose in a brief bout of adorable mischief. You can tell he adores her so very much, as do all of them.

I was especially looking forward to doing this session with this family because their story is really similar to my own. Our daughters were in the same NICU together and we did the same Growing at Home program to wean off their feeding tubes. Elilta was born the night before mine left the hospital after her own 68 day stay. My son is also 22 months old like theirs, and my husband and I were married the same year they were! So many similarities!

Elizabeth and I crossed paths online a few weeks ago, and it’s really nice to have another family to talk about our experience with that truly understands. They even live just a few blocks away from us. I’m so looking forward to seeing their incredible family grow!