Archie was born on Thanksgiving to Cameron and Cody, and how thankful they are for such a perfect, sweet babe! Welcome to the world little one! I can’t wait for you to meet him through these photos. Here you’ll also meet marvelous big brother Winston the bull terrier, who supervises expertly over the new tiny human in his life.

We did this photo session together a little over a week ago when Archie was a month old, which I think is an awesome time for lifestyle newborn photos. Traditionally, newborn photos are done in the first 10 days of life, but I’m definitely not traditional. I prefer to photograph them when the parents have had some time to ease in a bit into their new roles, and recover from the birth experience enough to want to be in the photos too. For me, it’s super important to photograph not just the baby alone, but the whole family. They were born too, as mothers and fathers (and brothers, as in Winston’s case!), and I must say, it is an honor to document the birth of a new family.

Enjoy the ride, my new friends!