Oh my, it’s a ridiculously marvelous time hanging out with this family!  Their effusive love for each other is just the most wonderful thing to immerse in, and it seems to beam out of them in quite the radius. 

Josh and Wendy Sue have made themselves a highly endearing family.

Penelope is the wee babe- otherwise known as Penools, Penell, Penelly Belly, Penoop, Penoop Droop, Penulia, Pen-A-Lo-Pay, Sweetest of all the P’s! She dances while she sits, she makes hilarious silent screams, and she sticks out her tongue to help her concentrate on her many baby tasks at hand. As in, how many ways can I be completely charming today?

Milo is a mighty 4- and is also known as Goose, Bean, Goosebean, Milo Bean, Milo Schmilo, Love Bug, Ska-mo! I knew we would be friends when I asked what his favorite color was and he made a sound like that was the hardest, most unfair question he had ever been asked. I so completely understand, little sir!

Enjoy this little peek into their sweet life.