about me and how to keep in touch


I’m Lindsay. I’m a Portland, Oregon based lifestyle family photographer. It’s so nice to meet you! My photography approach is simple when working with children and families– I aim to find real moments and connection, make it fun, and stress free.  Why do a photo session? This is your history.  Your photos are there to take you back to those stories of your life that you hold closest to your heart. Yes, the photos are for you now, but even more so, they are for your children.  For your future grandchildren.  They will love getting to know the 2022 you when things were so old-timey and everyone dressed funny. And all the love and realness they see in those prints? That’s the good stuff, and what people grab first when their house is on fire. It means the world. Give them and yourself that gift.

things i LOVE

My family and my incredible friends. They make the world go round.  My amazing husband Aaron. Listening to him sing is one of my favorite things in the world. Our kiddos, Silas & Clover. Being a mom is the most meaningful part of my life. Photography. Brings me all the joy! Pups! Especially the curly one named Louie in the photo over there. Mt. Tabor park. Hiking that volcano every day with my dog is bliss! Colors, patterns, and shiny things. I especially like making absurdly colorful pom poms. Disco balls. I have one in my kitchen and in Silas’ bedroom. Yoga. Been practicing for over 15 years now. Foreign grocery stores. I’m endlessly fascinated. Making awesome memories. Every single day. Going on adventures. As often as possible! Laughing and making you laugh. Nothing like it.

i’m also a professional DOG PHOTOGRAPHER

I’ve been a completely unabashed adorer of animals for my entire life, and it’s how I started my photography career. They can be remarkably difficult to photograph, which is how I learned epic patience when working with my subjects. They are pure beings that cannot be forced into giving me a happy look- we just have to actually HAVE FUN. They taught me everything about how I approach my work, even with people. I would be beyond delighted to include your pets in your photo session with you– they are family too! Full pet-focused sessions are available over at Sit Stay Pet PhotographyI can’t wait to meet you and your family, no matter how many legs they have!  Even if you don’t have any pets, get a daily dose of adorable pet photos! Follow me on Instagram– @sitstaypetphotography.

let’s CHAT


Tell me about the family photos of your dreams and we will make them come alive.

Please let me know a few details about your family and when you would like to have your photo session, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more info. I can’t wait to create awesome images for your family that you’ll love forever!

By the way, if you don’t hear back from me in 24-48 hours, please check your spam folder.